April Breeze April is one of our lesson favorites: super pony with some punch! She excells in the jumping ring and holds her own in the dressage arena.  Book Book is another favorite in the barn. He is comfortable to ride and really knows how to take care of his rider. Book has experience in the show ring, fox hunting, and out on the trails.  Bugsy Bugsy is our "steady Eddie". He's quiet for our beginner riders and carries a good head on his shoulders. Firebee Firebee is a fantastic hunter/jumper and loves to show off his athletisim. He is a great horse to take a young rider to the next level.  Jasmine Jasmine is our #1 lesson pony for beginner riders. She has a good mind and is gentle with new riders.  Mali Mali is a fantastic jumper and has excellent potential for dressage. Mali has many fox hunting miles too! Her sweet disposition makes her a barn favorite. Smitty Smitty loves his job and horse buddies at Brookhill. You will often find him trying to make his way back to his group but don't be dismayed, it doesn't take much to get him back in the right direction. He is a steady jumping partner and a sweet spirit.  Sophia Sophia is a fancy moving lady with a gentle spirit. She is great to take to horse shows because of her calm nature and her fancy stride!