For new/returning riders and those wanting to enquire about lessons:

Of course. We would love to have you take a tour and watch a lesson. Our full schedule of lessons includes hunter/jumper and dressage instruction. We also offer instruction on basic horsemanship skills on the ground if you feel you would like a more hands on experience. There is no charge to take a tour, watch a lesson, and your first horsemanship lesson will be complimentary too.

We have an excellent safety record. We have a great selection of lovely lesson horses who are calm and well trained. We take great care when matching riders with horses so that you are never asked to exceed your comfort level.

All riders are required to wear helmets and we have a selection at Brookhill Farm Equestrian Center  for you to use if you don not have your own. Helmets must be for horse riding use (not bike helmets). We also recommend you wear long pants and closed toe shoes/boots with a hard sole and heel, please no flip-flips or sandals.

You can decide what best suits you. We want our students to learn as much as possible about horse care. If you wish to learn how to groom and tack your horse, just arrive about 20 minutes before your lesson. If you would rather we take care of that for you, let us know and when you arrive your horse will be ready for you.

We try very hard to keep our lessons focused on the abilities of the riders. Whenever possible, we will have small groups of students of similar age and skill. Sometimes the lessons will have a mix of riders but that is always a positive as you can learn by watching others. We always make sure that even in group lessons, the needs of the individuals are addressed. And if you feel that you need more 1 on 1 instruction, you can book a private lesson.

A full price list is on our website. We have package options for lessons that will reduce the cost. Horse riding can be an expensive past time so we do everything we can to make sure our lessons are affordable and enjoyable.

We do our best to match you with a horse that suits your ability. Whenever possible, you will be riding the same horse if they are available. If not, we will match you with another of our well trained lesson horses so you can see what it is like to ride someone else. It all adds to building your confidence and ability. If you truly fall in love with one of our horses, ask us about leasing options which would allow you more control over who you ride and when.

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change a lesson.

For riders looking to lease/buy:

Yes, if the report is available and the owner is willing to share it.

Brookhill Farm Equestrian Center offers half and full leasing options. Half lease includes 3 days per week use and full lease includes 6 days per week use.

Yes. We offer 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 month lease options that are paid monthly.

For horse owners looking to board:

Brookhill Farm Equestrian Center is insured for facilities, vehicles, transportation, business, and workman’s compensation.

Boarders need to have mortality and major medical coverage.

Feed, owner provided supplements and medications, turn out, stall cleaning, and daily inspection by a horse professional are all included in the boarding agreement.

Training board adds a prescribed number of training rides by a professional rider.

Brookhill Farm Equestrian Center calls 911 for humans and for horses the head trainer is called first, followed by owner and vet if necessary.

Yes. We have 2 trucks and horse trailers available to transport horses. We transport to the clients preferred hospital and provide emergency transport for the local vets.

Contact us for more information

Lesson plans and packages are also available for purchase at discounted rates.