Here Are Five Safety Aspects Of Equine Animals For Kids

Children and pet animals are best companions. The joy they spread through their bonding is a beautiful thing to witness. At the same time, safety is of paramount importance. With equine animals, it is even more essential because, unlike dogs and cats, horses are big and more powerful animals. 

Horses are not only beautiful to look at but very sweet and fun to ride. It’s essential to follow the steps of horse safety, as well as take care of it. 

Here are some steps:

  1. Make them understand: First, introduce the horse to your children. Take your child to the stall and let them touch it. Allow your child to groom the horse. It allows your child to feel comfortable around the animal. If your child decides to ride the horse, you must accompany them. Make sure they don’t ride the horse by themselves. Wearing the necessary safety gear is a must
  2. Explain dos and don’ts: Make sure they understand the dos and don’ts. It is also crucial that your child does not hit the horse. The horse can rear up and cause bad injury. If your child is too rough with the horse, it could hurt the horse. Your child should have a firm but gentle hold on the horse. Even if the horse seems peaceful, it can become aggressive at any moment. They need to hold the reins carefully, etc.
  3. Distinguish between fun and danger: Kids are curious about everything around them. If they are super naughty, they tend to do the ones we tell them not to. But with equine animals, one should never take chance. Teach your kids to be gentle with them, not to walk in front of the horse, not touch the horse without permission, etc.
  4. Correct them if needed: Tell your kids that it is okay to feel afraid around the horse, but tell them that they should not be hesitant to convey to adults if they feel that way.
  5. Take the help of trained personnel: Sometimes kids refuse to listen to elders, especially parents. Because parents are their comfort kind. Hence if needed take the help of horse guards or trainers from horseback riding lessons in Charlottesville to pass on the communication.

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