What Are The Different Styles Of Horseback Riding?

Horseback riding is an activity that involves riding horses and controlling their movements. It’s an excellent form of physical exercise for both body and mind. It helps improve your balance and coordination, builds muscle strength, Endurance and improves your posture. 

Riding a horse is one of several forms of equestrian sports. Horseback riding is of two main categories: Western and English riding. The significant difference between these two ridings is the type of saddle used. In the west, the saddle is much larger and spread out across the back of the horse. It allows the rider to sit higher off the ground and gives them better control over the horse. On the other hand, an English saddle is smaller and sits lower on the horse, allowing the rider to get closer to the animal. 

Read on to learn more about forms of horseback riding. 

The beautiful animals let humans explore some of the joyous and adventurous activities. Horse boarding Charlottesville explains several forms of horseback riding styles :

  • Dressage: This traditional riding style requires both rider and horse to work together. The rider must learn how to control his horse through signals given by hand and voice. He must also learn how to communicate with his horse to coordinate. 
  • Show Jumping: Show jumping is one of the popular horseback riding forms. This form of riding happens inside a stadium. So it is also called stadium jumping. Here both horse riding and horse are required to perform a series of jumps within a set time limit. 
  • Reining: It is also known as western Dressage. It is an enjoyable form of horse-riding. Reining requires horses to do a series of loops, turns, and circles. The horse should neither resist nor struggle with any of the moves. Commands and cues given by the riders should be almost invisible to onlookers.
  • Some of the other popular horseback riding styles include but are not limited to Western pleasure, Barrel racing, cutting, Eventing, Polo, Endurance, etc. 

Horseback riding lessons Charlottesville allow you to learn and explore many forms of horseback riding. Visit us today to know which style suits you the best.

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