We Help You Learn What You Love – Horseback Riding Lessons

There is no full stop for learning. Life is to explore new adventures every day. Horseback riding is one such thrilling sport that is filled with fun and joy.  Brookhill farm offers a range of horseback riding lessons, in VA, United States. We take pride in our commitment to providing a safe, learn-friendly atmosphere for both riders as well as our beloved horses. Involvement in a sport is a must. It could be indoor or outdoor. Especially the ones that involve animals. Horseback riding has a range of benefits to offer.


They include positive character traits. The animal is just not a carrier in the sport. They are part of the sport. It is
equivalent to 2 players participating in a ride. Physical health is another benefit derived from horseback riding as the course demands riders to be physically fit, in shape. Problem-solving ability, psychological health, companionship are some of the other benefits of horseback riding.


Brookhill Farm offers lessons in English for various horseback riding programs. That includes

  • Hunters – A forward seat riding style.
  • Showjumpers – This is also called stadium jumping.
  • Equitation – It is the art of managing horse riding. Appropriate positioning, and
    ability to ride with grace.


Brookhill farm takes pride in hosting the dressage team for the University of Virginia. To accommodate all the mentioned categories of horseback riding styles, we have three rings, two large hunter-jumper arenas (400' X 200'), and one full-size dressage arena. We welcome learners of all respect, Age, profession, and are not gender-biased. We have a
a skilled team of 5 dedicated instructors to facilitate and teach various stages of learners.


Young aspiring horseback champions: Brookhill farm, horseback riding lessons programs are equipped to accommodate all stages of learners that include beginners, intermediaries, and advanced riders of all ages. The classes are open for all age groups, ranging from 2-year kids to adults of any age. Young kids are allowed to learn with the assistance of their parents at Brookhill Farm. It is found that early starters in horseback riding tend to develop confidence, inculcate discipline and follow a fitness regime. We also customize the environment as per the safety of young horse riders.



The horseback riding lessons are further customized as per the requirement of clients. The client is free to take Private lessons, semi-private lessons, or group lessons. The group lessons are limited to a size of 4 to 6 riders. The groups are further classified into children groups, teen groups, college students groups, and Adult groups. With Safety being the prime importance, we ensure all the riders are fully equipped with the required accessories.


That includes an authorized helmet, a shoe or boot with a heel, riding breeches (Typically customized pants worn by horse riders). We do offer helmets, paddock boots for riders to start with. However, it is advised to procure the required accessories on its own. Fun is yours, safety is ours. Come and enroll yourself today for this competitive sport. Connect to us for more details at



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